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Steam Systems

Steam systems are more than just burners and boilers.  Steam systems should be looked at from a holistic approach.  Of course, our trained technicians can troubleshoot your boiler and get you back up and running.  We have many factory certifications for the hours of training we have done.  We perform safety checks and make repairs to ensure that specifications and codes are met.  To us, this is below the expectation you should have for the company managing your steam system.  Our approach to your steam system looks at the following areas:

  • Generation

    • Combustion Efficiency - Are you only setting your combustion once a year after the inspection?  It should be calibrated more than that as air density changes which can have a dramatic effect on combustion.  We are also a siemens representative and can help you upgrade your system to a proven system with excess O2 trim to keep your combustion efficiency as high as possible year round. 

    • Scale Buildup - Even a thin layer of scale can serve as an effective insulator and block heat transfer.  The result is overheating the boiler tube material, tube failures, and loss of energy efficiency.  The boiler will also not be able to put up original production  due to the decreased efficiency.  Energy losses are a function of scale thickness and type with 1/16" normal scale thickness that equate to 4% fuel losses.

    • Annual Inspections - Safety Check, tube sheet inspections, preventative maintenance, refractory inspections and repairs.

  • Distribution

    • Effective distribution system performance requires proper steam pressure balance, good condensate drainage, complete and optimum insulation with regular repair and maintenance, and effective pressure regulation.

    • Leaks and Failed Steam Traps:  Steam leaks are a huge problem.  Did you know that if steam costs $10/1000lbs of steam that a hole or trap blowing through with a 1/8” hole or orifice at 150psi is approximately $6,700/year.  Just a few leaks or failed traps can have a big impact.  We can set up a program for systematic inspection, testing, and repair of steam traps.  We recommend monthly testing for high pressure (150psi and above), monthly to quarterly for medium pressure (30-150psi) and at least annually for low pressure steam. 

    • Insulation - Missing insulation is an unnecessary waste of fuel and money.

  • End Use and Recovery

    • Maintaining heat exchangers and condensate receiver tanks are crucial to recover as much condensate as possible.

    • Optimize Condensate Recovery: Every BTU recovered is a BTU saved.  In addition to energy savings, reduced make up water reduces chemical treatment.

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